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Friday, April 8, 2011

Chuntarito boots!!! WTF

If you've been following this blog then you know this isn't all truck stuff. Sometimes I venture into the unknown, and crazy.

A few weeks ago I saw what I was sure was a photo shopped photo of some absolutely insane boots. As it turns out it wasn't photo shopped. This is a trend that seems to have started in Mexico. I wanted to do some serious research but whose got time for that mess. You can watch the video from the clip below and it kind of gives you a break down.

I'm not going to knock this because to each there own. Would I wear these? Hell No! But I also don't wear skinny jeans, or punk rock shirts. Anyways, check out the pics and the video below and tell me what you think lol


  1. That kid dancing from "the brothers" was only like 10 or 11. Lil stripper dude is gonna get all the guys when he gets older. haha. Crazy that I would probably sport em if I was there cause I can relate to why they where em...pointy boots or dragging trucks, it's all the same right?

  2. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen or heard about, but as you said. To each their own. I am so glad I am not a slave to fashion because it would be hard for me to get a date with those boots. Funny looking and with skinny jeans?! Man, I would like to go on record that it is the weirdest fashion statement that I've ever seen. It would be funny if young kids pickup on this fashion in the whole US and not just Mexican kids. I mean everyone, it would bring the whole nation to it's laughing.

  3. i had to post this shit on my facebook. haha, i dig it. it makes me think about all the shit i have done because it was "cool"

  4. see thats why you dont drink the water in Mexico

  5. This is not bad fashion at all! this fashion is a breath of fresh air compared to those stupid ass niggs that wear their pants below their ass!!!! pointy boots rock on!