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Lost an important part of No Regrets today. RIP Traci McAughty

Friday, December 21, 2012

F@c& Facebook

So I quit FB a few days ago. It made me think. If I don't put my thoughts somewhere its going to drive me nuts. There is always Instagram, Twitter and Google +. The next day I got a renewal for and I thought, what the hell. Time to throw some thoughts down on the ole' blog. I mean, before it was all cars and minitruck shit on here, I used to to put my thoughts down. So that what I hope to do. Make my slow comeback to the blog world. We'll see how it goes.

Ernie and Bert Vegas edition.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Camp N Drag 2012

Crowd Favorite, Kyles 1956 Lincoln :/

Getting to this show for me was probably the craziest day I've ever encountered in my travels. It's the kind of thing movies are made of. My day started at 3am as I headed to the airport. It was dark so I couldn't really see anything but I loaded up my bags and headed out. It didn't take long before I knew I was driving on a flat. I pulled over on the freeway to check things out. Just as I suspected it was flat, and I knew I didn't have the tools to change the spare. Luckily right then a tow truck came by, I asked him to put air in it so I could make it to the gas station one exit off the freeway and he did. Thank goodness he stopped. At the gas station I could tell I was loosing air already so I tried putting Fix a Flat in it, but that was a disaster. Has anybody ever had any luck with that crap? I know I never do, the damn feeding tube thing broke, but I knew I managed to get some of it in there so I just topped off the tire to 40 psi and hit the road hoping I didn't get a blow out. After 25-minutes I had made it to the airport time to head off.

Ill make this next part short and sweet, I could write pages on this day, but it went something like this; I jumped on my flight to Denver, no problems. Get to Denver, board my second plane and while were on the tarmac, it breaks down. OK, well I'll go to customer service and see whats up. Two choices, is what they offer me, stay in Denver and fly out six hours later, or get re-directed to Charlotte, North Carolina and then bounce over to Indy. Hmm, Will my bags make it to Indy if I go to Charlotte since I'm going to another airline? Of course says the lady behind the counter, of course. So I decide to jump to Charlotte, what a mistake. Coming into North Carolina, we get crazy turbulence and then we hear the captain say, "sorry folks, sit tight as were going to have to circle the airport for an hour and wait for this storm to move on." Great!
Love the Neons!!
Models everywhere! lol

After that hour we land, I run to my next flight and I kid you not, I can see the plane!!! It's still there!!! Hallelujah!! But no! "Sorry sir you just missed the cut-off" Damn you US Airways. The next flight is in four hours you say? Great. So off to kill time and eat. They even got my burger wrong at Burger King lol.

Oddly enough, this was my favorite, why? Because I love simple and clean.
Eventually I make it to Indy and I find out my bag is in Chicago. "But I'm going camping," I exclaim. I need that damn bag. I had to file a claim with US Airways, United and American Airlines. Eventually American says they will have the bag thrown on the next flight to Indy for me If I can just wait an hour. So I did. A couple of my members showed up 45 minutes later at the airport to pick me up and brought me a drink. We literally sat around for a few minutes and the damn bag showed up. Off to the show!!!

As far as the show is concerned it was everything I anticipated it would be, bigger than last year, and twice as fun. Friday night was a blast, we raided some BBQ chicken in our camp and sang the star spangled banner, don't ask.

 Saturday, the show was amazing. So big in fact I didn't get to shoot every truck. It was hot, I really need a golf cart for this show. (hint, hint, somebody hook me up next year) But I managed to shoot most of it. After the show we hit the lake. That was fun, it was my first time in four years I went in that lake. I'll be sure to go every year, but I'll also be sure to bring some water shoes. That sand feels like kitty litter.

Later that night was the "Bikini" contest and what a party that was. It was quickly followed by the night activities and antics, which are a huge part of this show.

Thanks to Bill and his crew for having this show and showing us all a great time. The park is great, the staff is awesome and all the mid-western mini truckers really know how to party. I look forward to next year!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vacation Time is Almost Here!

The family and I are going on a cruise next weekend. One of the downsides to cruises is you can't bring alcohol on board and it's pretty expensive. We keep thinking of ways to sneak it on. I ran into this while on the net and just started dying laughing.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Out Of My Element, SEMA woes!

 As many of you know, I have recently decided to build my first full-size. Believe it or not, building a full-size is actually a bit different than a minitruck. There are so many more options and things to consider. Some of it might be because I'm building a brand new truck and other things, I'm just not familiar with.
My 2012 Silverado project not yet named.

 I suppose If I was building something older where parts were easily available at junk yards I wouldn't be having such an emotional battle with the question of if I should alter it or not. Deciding what to cut and not to cut of course has been an internal issue. I see a lot of people cut up on new trucks and things just don't fit right again. I'm not going to put myself into that situation. The minute I picked this thing up at the dealer I instantly didn't want to cut it. It was too nice, it was too new and I had an instant love affair with the truck. So I knew I needed to stop driving it and drop it off at the shop as soon as possible.
 The issue I'm having now is deciding what exhaust to run on my truck. Honestly with a mini I either didn't change the exhaust or because I was building a Mitsu I usually didn't have many choices. Not a lot of things fit under small minis. With this Silverado however, everything under the sun is made for it and will fit it. So where do I start? I started by asking a few friends what they recommended and not one of them said one single company. They all threw about 4-5 companies at me. So in reality that didn't help much at all. So right now I feel lost. I don't want to get the wrong one because that would be an expensive hassle.
 Then there is the intake. So now I'm in the same boat as with the exhaust. Which one do you get, by who? Maybe some of the readers of this blog hopefully might chime in with some suggestions. Intake, and Exhaust is the question? Who do you recommend for this truck. Of course, if you have on installed on your ride already I'd love to see some pics. In the meantime, I'm going to back to the Internet to get lost on the pages of all these manufacturers.Wish me luck!