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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MT mag studio shoot

I just did a shoot in the studio for the first time. What a blast! I couldn't have done it without my boy Lowlife Mike, that dude has talent. Once the shoot hits print I'll post a few shots raw. I don't like photoshop, and it's probably because I don't know how to use it lol. But I do plan on learning this year.

STK TRUK no more

This is my minitruck project formerly known as project STK TRUK. I've decided to shave the thing and give it a custom paint job, so now its going to need a new name. I couldn't take myself serious with a blog if I didn't talk about minitrucks. In the future I'll get more into that, but for now, check out the rendering I just got done.

Here it is in the garage getting ready to go under the knife parked next to the Chevy.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Is he the most creative artist of my life. Well it depends on what you like. He definately knows how to create controversy, but more importantly, i love the stories he tells.

Check out the story from Juxtapoz where he takes over the Bristol museum.

bansky vs Bristol

Monday, December 28, 2009


I love photography. I'm not as good as it as I wish I was. In my links above I posted my flickr account URL, but here it is again.


My "Bomba"

I love this car, and this car hates me. At least I beleive it does. But let me introduce you to my 1950 Chevy, bagged by Max Fish at Bio Kustumz.

I was trying to sell this car, but then i realized, if I sell this car now, I may never build another one again. At least not anytime soon.


This is just a test of the emergency broadcast system...beep beep beep...