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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dropkick Murphys


It's safe to say it's starting to get packed

Cop car

Brent Vann planking a las Vegas cop car

Strangest dude of the day


Their are definitely many unusual tattoos here.

Off With Their Heads

Day 2

Punk Rock Bowling

So far it's good music and a lot of Mohawks!

Plank the plank

Joe Greene is an animal! Awesome plank!

I planked

This is how you get pink eye!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

In this Months Mini Truckin' Magazine

Check out the table of contents on the newest issue of Mini Truckin' magazine!! They added some of my awesome art work to my surprise.

I wrote about this artwork a few months back here on the Mind of Macias (as seen HERE )

Thanks Chris!

Road side repairs 101

So I decided to add a tech to this blog (not really) because the S10 I'm driving these days needs a little help, for our first installment I'll do the quickest tech you've ever seen on fixing a busted valance.

the problem

the solution

bingo bango bongo! fixed
 And there you have it. Maybe someday I'll add some real tech. (Probably not!) but hey you never know.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Punk Rock Bowling!!

This coming weekend I'll be at punk rock bowling. I haven't decided if I'm taking my big camera yet or not. I'm assuming that getting drunk and walking around with my most prized possession would be a big no-no. But I'll play that by ear. I will however still be doing live updates as much as I can from my IPHONE!

If you're in Vegas you can most likely find me on Freemont Street all weekend.

For information on Punk Rock Bowling click below

I came, I saw, I planked!

Ok, so I just discovered planking a few days ago, but I wasn't able to say or write anything since I've been so damn busy. My computer at home is also down getting rebuilt thanks to Johnny O.

Instead of going into details about what planking is I'll just show you, it's pretty self explanitory lol.

Or you can read this for an explanation. WHAT IS PLANKING?

also check out


cute planking lol

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Work time!

Down to Earth Day 2011 - Show Coverage

Visalia is one of those places, that's just close enough for a day trip, but just far enough to annoy me. It's roughly 300-miles from my house. It wouldn't have been so bad if I was riding with somebody but I was doing the trip to Down To Earth day solo this year. Sure, their was a few NR So Cal guys heading to the show, but they were from the LA area, so meeting with them would have probably added another 50-miles or so to my trip. So I decided to do it alone.

Surface Girl, Lindsay sporting a Mind of Macias shirt

I left my house at 6am because I knew that with a stop or two I would get their just after roll-in at around 10am. After all I don't want to be there when the lines are long and the dirt is getting kicked up. As planned I got their just after roll-in was finished. Right away I knew the show was going to be amazing. They had it set up much better this year and the layout was easier to follow. I couldn't help but notice they had a ton of quality vendors and even more food vendors! I'm not sure of the count, but I'm estimating easily over 300 vehicles and 500 cops. I'm not sure if the cops are a bad thing or not. On the plus side, you feel safer with them around, but at the same time, they annoy you when they stop you at the gate, and follow you around like you're some kind of criminal. I know that the cops are out of the control of the staff, and I could tell the cops were doing their best to stay out of the way, but their presence seems to annoy a lot of people.

Awards went smoothly and quickly. Forbidden Fantasy seemed to take a ton of trophies yesterday, congratulations them.

After the show I shot two features for Mini Truckin' magazine. I also shot the show coverage for them which is why my show coverage on Mind of Macias is lacking minitrucks. So be sure to keep an eye out for that show coverage in an upcoming issue. I can't wait for next years show, and maybe, Down To Earth can find a way to turn this show into a truck run!! Plenty of people are staying in hotels in Visalia, maybe they can find a spot to make it a three day (Lake Isabella!!!) but who knows! At any rate, thanks to the staff for a good time and a great show, see you next year.

p.s. thanks to everybody who bought a Mind Of Macias shirt at the show, and don't forget you can order your own shirt HERE

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Casualties of war!

I thought he was "raptured" turns out he was sleeping! This is what happens when you bust ass on your truck before a major show, drive 300+ miles and not get enough sleep. We've all been there.

Time to work!

How I ended my day! Doing what o love best.

Old school

Haven't seen one of these logos in a long time!

66 coupe


Strange doors!

Guess what it is?

Body dropped dually

On the road to DTE

On the road to Down To Earth Day 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

To Better Days - Weekend Celebrity Productions Review

I'm sitting here thinking really hard about how the hell I met Chris and Brandon from Crimepays Video. I really can't remember, I can't even think how far back we go at all, has it been five years? Has it been six years? I really have no clue, I mean, I know I've been talking to these guys for sometime, but they seemed to have just popped up out of nowhere. I can however remember seeing some of their first videos, I always knew these guys had talent and I did always enjoy their videos in the beginning. After watching their latest title "To Better Days" I can honestly say that they have blown me away with how far they've come.

Now as some of you may know, I was sort of a player in the video scene for some time, but the fact of the matter is that I don't know shit about editing or filming DVD's. What I do know is how to be an ass in front of the camera, and I can promote the shit out of something. So as I sat and watched this video, I don't know whether the cues are right, I don't know whether the colors are on point or not. But what I do know is that it was easy on the eye and highly entertaining. I was lucky enough to watch this video in HD on my 62-inch flat screen with surround sound and it really popped out at me. The camera work in this video has blown me away. I started watching it as I was editing pictures, and I actually had to stop what I was doing and watch the damn thing without any distractions.
the crew
I won't lie to you guys, I used to be one of those guys that would fast forward through a lot of the videos out there. It could have been the music or the particular feature. But I sat through this whole video, in awe and completely entertained, now and then I even laughed (thanks Oliver Porter for that comedic relieve!) The choice of features was great, because they seem to cover all the genres. You want a mini, they had it, you want a full-size, done, how about something old school, yeah, they got that too! And the models, wow, definitely don't let your wife or girlfriend catch you watching that part.

One thing that was definitely on point in this DVD (besides the models) is the perfect blend of talking and music. I really like that,  this kind of video is great to play in the background at any party. The kind of music they had isn't for everybody but it certainly is modern and easy to listen too, it's a great blend also. None of that crazy senseless screaming!

I think I've rambled enough about how great of video these goobers put out. They deserve a lot of credit for their hard work and dedication and I think you guys should definitely put this on your "To Buy" list, along with a Mind of Macias shirt of course. And Brandon, I expect my check in the mail by Friday!!! This kind of crap doesn't write itself! Just kidding of course. But seriously Chris, Brandon, and crew, great job, keep it up and don't stop putting out those videos, go out there and turn some more people into "Weekend Celebrities!"

To visit Weekend Celebrity Productions on Facebook click HERE
and be sure to check out their website tell em Ernie sent you!