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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Steve's Dime

Looking through some pics I stumbled on some pics of Steve's S10 before the accident. Many of you may recognize Steve's truck from the November 2010 cover of Mini Truckin' magazine. The thing about this truck is it was already gorgeous once before. I actually really like it when it was yellow.
No Regrets 1, and Steve's S10

They were parked ready for a No Regrets party

Picture taken the day of the accident
One day on his way to Bio Kustumz where Steve worked a big rig decided to run him off the road. The truck was mangled and beat to crap. I remember driving out to the scene of the accident and Steve was okay, but he was sort of laughing about it all. Especially since he was trying to sell the truck. It's like god was making him keep it. I followed Steve back to his house from the wreck and I'll never forget the fact that he dragged the piss out of it on the Freeway all mangled and all. It's a surprise the damn thing even drove straight. He called me and said "Is my door closed all the way, I keep hearing wind!" Obviously his destroyed door didn't close for shit!

At the Paintershack in San Bernardino, Ca.

Cover of Trucktrends Magazine from Japan, early part of 2011

Mini Truckin' Magazine Cover Nov. 2010
He would quickly fix the truck, putting new sheet metal on it and getting road worthy in no time. Luckily no major frame damage had been done, all cosmetic. Years later the truck would go to Painter Shack Mike where he would lay out the graphics and paint you see today. Sure it wasn't the first mini done in this Bellflower style but definitely one of the best. I know he's currently trying to sell it again, we'll see if his luck doesn't run out this time. I still think he should keep it. 
At the Mooneyes 2010 Show in Yokohama, Japan.

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