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Friday, December 23, 2011


I know, I know....

It's been just over two months since my last half ass attempt at a blog. I get it. I'm actually very surprised by the amount of messages about my lack of blogging that I've been getting. So I promise that the blogging will resume starting this week. I actually have a few things that I need to go over and some pictures to post. So I promise, I will be back!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dubstep Robot

I saw this video a few weeks ago, but I always go back to it. I didn't like Dubstep at first, but it has really grown on me, and I love to watch cool dancing. This ones got both.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

West Coast Nationals 2011

Man, oh man!! What a hell of a weekend. Cholo (NR Japan member) and I just got home about 30 minutes ago and I figured I wouldn't be lazy and share my photos with you all.


As always the show was absolutely amazing. As with all major Sunset shows, the quality was not lacking, lots of new fresh builds, lots of kick ass people, and lots of hot chicks! Trucks from all over the Western US were rolling in as early as Thursday including some Relaxed Atmosphere guys who rolled in from Illinois. It was great to see lots of familiar faces and lots of new ones.

Me and a few NR guys rolled in early Thursday morning because we wanted to get our typical beach front spot and get our party started early. Thursday was a slow and relaxing day for us, we were in the river so long, I didn't even notice the park filling up throughout the day!

I'm not sure how many trucks were in the show exactly but it definitely didn't disappoint and I'm really looking forward to next years show. Bob says hes looking to move the show to earlier in the year in April. Hopefully this means we can have a stronger showing from other states. I can't imagine who wouldn't want to hit this show. So if you're reading this I'm telling you to start planning for it now. See you there!!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yes, I know...

I haven't been writing much these days. And to tell you the truth it's because I'm really focused on life. It doesn't mean I'm giving up on my blog by any means. I just haven't had the time to really get into too much story telling or facts about minitrucks. As shows come up I will still be sharing them.

For now I'm focused back on my career in Real Estate. Ive been a licensed Real Estate agent for over 10 years now and a Realtor for most of those years. ( their is a difference!) I need to sell some houses to get my life back on track and in the right direction. I'll keep you posted!


Monday, September 5, 2011

RA All Star Event 2011

This year I wasn't sure if I was going to make it to the All Star Event in Millington or not. But luckily for me I have some pretty good friends. My buddy and fellow club member Zane Stokes flew me out to the show in Tennessee this year. At first I thought I would leave my camera at home and just enjoy the weekend, but then I figured I had to get this show coverage up on here, so I brought the camera along. A few days before the show I also found out that I would be shooting the show for MT magazine. So things only got better for me because I really enjoy shooting the show for MT magazine.

This year I flew into Chattanooga, TN on Thursday and spent most of Friday in Jasper Tennessee, with Zane and a some of the NR guys from TN. We then did the 400 mile trip to Memphis later that afternoon. It was a pretty fun ride for me, I got to roll in a body dropped Dodge with A/C and just kick back and enjoy the Tennessee highways.

We got to the show pretty late Friday night but rolling into town I immediately saw trucks cruising around and coming in from all directions. To my suprise Justin and Big Mike from Arkansas had reserved me a room so I got to stay with all the NR guys. It was pretty awesome of them and I'm super thankful for such awesome members. It had been two years since I'd last been to this show but I definitely couldn't wait to get to the show on Saturday and getting an opportunity to hang out with my out of state family. 

When we rolled in at about 10am Saturday morning I was very impressed with the huge numbers in attendance. I ran into Juan from RA So Cal and he told me that they had already beat the best numbers for the show and people were still lined up to the gate. Considering the horrid temperatures I knew I had a big day of shooting pics ahead of me. But looking at all the impressive trucks I looked forward to the day.

California transplants Dave and Traci

My first stop was the No Regrets camp where a couple of guys got their logos and became new members of the club. I grabbed the camera and then headed for a lemonade. I love the "fair" food at this event. If you haven't had the BBQ Nachos here before you are definitely missing out.

With Sunday, came some crazy looking weather. The RA guys sped up the days events and got the trophies started early. As always the trophies didn't let us down, not only where they really organized, but they had the most impressive trophies I'd seen in a while. Thanks again to Relaxed Atmosphere for holding such a great event, and I can definitely say that I'm very much looking forward to next year.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Severed Ties So Cal Show 2011

It was a blazing hot Saturday in August when Severed Ties started what I hope will be a new show to the lacking So Cal show line up. When I say blazing, I mean it too. It wasn't Texas ridiculous hot, but it was hot enough.

Click here to see the entire set on Flicker 

When I first pulled up to the show grounds I loved it. It had the old school Cali vibe that takes you way back to when MiniTruckin' was a weekly thing here in So Cal. Not only was it centrally located in So Cal but the park was great. It had a swimming pool and tons of playgrounds for the kids. Being a dad this is great, and any show in a park beats a parking lot show any day. The show wasn't over capacity but it was great for a first year show. The amount of quality was high and all the clubs that you would expect to see in So Cal were in attendance.

Their was a particularly strong showing of Negative Camber and I saw lots of old faces. It was also great to see so many "Tito" shirts at the show. Jeff Davy from Devious Customs had Courtney's truck at the show and it looked great. He's doing an awesome job with it. I heard they worked on it all night and hadn't even slept yet.

The trophies at this show were some of the best ones id seen yet. They were really nice plaques and the best of trophies were cut out of metal and placed on really nice stands. I'm glad they weren't those shitty plastic ones that were used to seeing. A nice plaque will go up on the wall to be admired. A big plastic gold thing just ends up in the garage or a trash can.

It was a great show, a great turn-out and an even more amazing Atmosphere. I look forward to next year where hopefully I'll have a truck to bring of my own. Thanks to the Severed Ties guys for adding a show in So Cal. If it's one thing we need here in So Cal it's more shows to get people motivated back into the garage to build some kick-ass minitrucks.