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Monday, May 16, 2011

Showfest 2011, complete coverage!

The weeks leading to this years Showfest were like riding a roller coaster. With record breaking flood waters on the Mississippi river things were looking bleak. Thankfully, the Assorted Miniatures crew put their heads together and moved the show to a great new location just down the street that was nice and dry.


The Harrah's would be the host for this years show. Unfortunately we didn't have the Casino and the bars, but we still had a ton of good friends to enjoy the show with and besides, parking lot pimpin is what Minitruckers do best. This year once again I got picked up by my good friend Carlos. He picked me up in his big rig which is like his home on wheels. I won't lie, I'm like a gitty school kid when he picks me up because that thing is a lot of fun to ride in. We got to the show early on friday and I knew right away that the hotel I was staying in was far from the night time festivities but close to the show. Sometimes that's a good thing. The hotel I was staying at, The Verranda was nice and quiet at night. 
The parking lot at the Terrace Hotel friday night.

Everybody from all the clubs hanging out in the lobby!

Chico's Titan

63 Cadillac, Val from Louisiana NC

Friday nights festivities were off the hook. The party was exactly what you would expect from Showfest. The beer was flowing and the smiles were everywhere. Security was easy going and the staff at the hotel was very friendly considering the madness that was taking place. I probably put down one too many beers that night, and ended up passing out in my hotel room at around 4am!

Nice tat!

This pretty much sums up Friday night lol

This isn't weird at all!

tough guys

Hey Dude, get out of the picture j/k lol

John Mata editor of MT mag paying me to leave!

Me in a security truck, don't worry the keys weren't in it, thank god!
On Saturday the weather was nice and cool and their was no rain in sight. Great weather for spectators, horrible weather for shooting pics, and even worse weather for features. I wasn't going to let that slow me down and it certainly didn't stop Jason Mulligan from Street Trucks magazine, he shot a handful of features early in the day. I was able to shoot my favorite truck at the show, a gorgeous Nissan 720 for Mini Truckin' magazine. (Look for more on that in an upcoming issue of MT mag!) Saturday nights festivities were a little more tame. It seems like people went to bed earlier but the hardcore were still in full swing at the Terrace hotel and the show grounds. I went to bed at midnight, and I'm happy to say I didn't have a single drop of alcohol that night.

The Crime Pays/Weekend Celebrity booth

My favorite outfit of the day!
Mind Of Macias, biggest fan and a cool dude.
Sunday I felt like a million bucks since I didn't drink the night before, unfortunately most of the show trucks were leaving early, or had already left by the time I got to the show. I was really glad I shot the show the day before especially since the clouds were still present.

My favorite truck at the show, and the Mind of Macias pick! (if they had one lol)

The Rum Runner!

All in all, I would have to say that I had a great time. Exactly the kind of show I was expecting! Assorted put together a great time considering what they had to deal with. I would like to thank the Assorted staff for putting on the show, dealing with the madness and still managing to keep a smile at the show. These guys really know how to host a show. I look forward to coming back next year and can honestly say that as long as their is a Showfest, I'll be looking forward to coming back year after year.

this thing was bad ass!

This thing was just crazy



  1. Good write up bro.. sucks i missed it because of a wedding!

  2. wow, what a weekend and show...

  3. good show indeed!! wanted da "BLAZRADOE" be debuted but da flood,da change of location & was they or wasn't they having da show? had me like (what i should I do?) so i email john @ MT fri and he told me just show up for SCRAPINtheCOAST & we going to are best to get some shots for "MT" (Donnie V.)

  4. I am so sad that I was not able to go! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO