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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

AccuAir eXo Mounts

If you love air suspension their is a good chance that by now you've heard of AccuAir. If you haven't, in a nutshell,  It's basically a system that allows your vehicle to adjust to certain pre-set heights. It's the best thing to happen to minitrucks since body drops, and it just makes life a lot easier.

It's the coolest system available and now it's even cooler with their new eXo mount. Their products are so tight, you wouldn't even want to hide it. The pre-built mounting system gives you a great way to clean up your system and mount it easily to your truck or car. It can be configured for 3 or 5-gallon tanks, and one or two compressors. I've been reading up on AccuAir and their system a lot lately because I plan on purchasing a unit for WAS STK (previously STK TRUK) but before I buy it I wanted to make sure it really was something I would enjoy.

I got to see their products in action at last years SEMA and I've seen it in action at shows. I've come to the conclusion that as soon as I can save up enough pennies I'm going to pick one up. After I do, I'll be sure to let you guys know how I like it and how well it responds.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The thing about it is....

The definition of a blog.

"A website that allows users to reflect, share opinions, and discuss various topics in the form of an online journal while readers may comment on posts. Most blogs are written in a slightly informal tone (personal journals, news, businesses, etc. ..."

Please remember that a blog is a place where I can write whatever I feel like writing about. And it's always okay to disagree with me. You may even leave it in the comments, or you can email me at

So If I bitch about train horns or tow balls it's because that's how I'm feeling at the moment. This is one of the reasons why I started this blog. Because it's all about the things that make me tick. I love to share with people anything and everything minitrucks. So please feel free to enjoy the page!

Summer Madness 2011

This years Summer Madness was the funnest Summer Madness I've been too in a long time. And I've been to a ton of these shows, I'm figuring at least 10-12. I had a big chance to really sit back at this years show and enjoy some drinks with some good friends and fellow club members. It was a bonding experience we haven't had in a show since Resolutions.Considering I just lost a friend this week, I was really hoping for a mellow weekend.

This year we drove up in a huge freaking motor home owned by my homie and fellow No Regrets member Mike Quigley. Knowing that the temperatures in Bakersfield are through the roof, we wanted to make sure we would have somewhere to sleep comfortably. Besides the RV, this year I also decided I would drink liquor instead of beer because really hot temps and beer just lead to bloated minitruckers. Liquid Cocaine's were on the menu, (Amaretto, Malibu, Southern Comfort and Pineapple juice) and they were the perfect blend for the hot weather.

Friday night ran smooth, people flowed in from all over southern California, central California and nor cal. It seems like everybody was there to hang out and party, and everybody left their attitudes at home. Show staff allowed people to cruise and have some fun. It seems like with all the good at every show comes all the bad. At this show we didn't have a huge problem with people dragging out of control, because dragging isn't allowed. So in the absence of truck destruction, guys decided to bust out their train horns. I'm a firm believer that train horns belong on trains, and I wasn't the only one. People could be heard booing all throughout the park. But this didn't deter the noisy truckers. I guess everybody is entitled to their form of fun, but when they do it at 4am or 6am it just really sucks ass!

Saturday was show time and this show was huge. I'm not even sure how many trucks were in the show, but I'm assuming it was around 350 or more. The show was great and even though it took them about 4 hours to set them all up but in the end, it was laid out perfectly. If I was them, next year I would lay out the show in the huge grass area because it would make it easier to set up and to walk it as a spectator. 

I know that next years show may have a different vibe since it will finally be under new management but I believe that the vibe will only improve. I know that Airbrush and his crew from Regulators will do an awesome job of taking over the show.  I hope that they can bring the prices back down to earth and hopefully that will help with attendance. Even though this years show wasn't the biggest ever, I actually enjoyed the atmosphere of the show, and I thought the staff handled the show well. I look forward to going next year and hope to see some of you guys there!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

RIP Courtney Halowell - My friend.

We look up to guys like you, the guys that paved the way. You were wrenching on trucks before I could even drive. You were featured before I had a truck. You helped bring the community together by helping bring one of the best clubs in the world together. More importantly you were the kind of guy that made us laugh, you were the kind of guy that made us feel welcomed everywhere you were. I always looked up to you.

I'll never forget the night you came to my house to get a bench seat out of a piece of crap 66 ford at my house. Infested with spiders, but you didn't give a crap, you were a car guy. The day we shot my 50 Chevy in San Diego is one of the funnest days I can remember. You were a hell of a tour guide.

You told me that night I could keep anything I wanted at your house and I knew  you meant it. You weren't just trying to be nice, you were being a good friend.

When I got my lucha libre Jesus Tattoo the first person I text with the finished photo was you and I told you it was for you. I knew you'd dig it and you did.

You taught me about low light photos and when to use a filter, but more important; you thought me that friends are more than back windows. RIP in peace Tito. We will miss you.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Remember when....

If you're old enough, you might remember the days when trucks were built to be shown, to be cruised and to be admired. But never to be destroyed. I've written enough in the past about my thoughts on destroying our trucks so I won't write a book.

I just miss the days when we went to shows pulled a wheel, cleaned our trucks until the judges showed up and really cared. Granted, I haven't seen as much destruction of trucks as was popular a few years back, but it's become apparent to me that some guys still don't give a shit. Ripping roll pans off and bumpers, why? It doesn't make you look cool. Yelling "Drag It!" and being disappointed with the guy in the gorgeous truck with a $10,000 for not dragging it isn't my idea of being "a real mini-trucker."

I've done my share of dragging. And don't worry this isn't a debate about tow balls, versus rockers. I'm not even saying don't drag. This is just saying, "Don't go out there and destroy your truck, cause you look like an ass!!!" I'm talking to the guys that don't pull off the ground the whole weekend until they've destroyed an entire bed side, or the entire strip of driving concrete we had. Feel free to send me your hate mail, rebuttal or praise to

Bringing US trucks to the world!

Working side by side with Mike Alexander to expand the custom truck culture to the world through the top international magazines, I'm proud to announce that we will now be working with Bagged Minitruckin' Down Under to feature some of the hottest trucks from the US over seas.

 We have already been working with Trucktrends from Japan for over a year now.
 I also had the pleasure of shooting a feature for Cruisin' magazine also from Japan.
 As soon as we get some work featured in Bagged ill be sure to post more info on the magazine and the work we share with them.

Camp n Drag 2011


It's been a few days since I got back from my trip to Camp n Drag in Waveland, Indiana. I can honestly say that I'm still trying to get back to normal. It's 10:19 at night two days later as I sit here and type this and I'm still tired and recovering from all the partying I did with friends at the gorgeous park in Waveland. But I told myself I would post the pictures tonight so here I sit.

I arrived in Indiana at just after midnight on Friday the 15th, I was supposed to be there late Thursday night but my flight had a crazy delay in Phoenix Arizona. I didn't let that bring me down though because I knew that the weekend would make up for it. When I got to the park at about 4am, nobody was awake except for a huge crowd at the NR camp of course, and in the middle of it all was good ole' RJ. The rep for NR Indiana/Illinois and one of the promoters of the show. (the next morning he would tell me that he didn't even remember me getting to the show lol) Everybody was drunk so I just went to bed. No way was I going to try and party and reason with a handful of drunk asses.

The Next morning I quickly realized that the park was already filling up. I could quickly tell that this years attendance was already bigger. Friday was sort of a blur. I went shopping to Walmart and picked up some Malibu in a bag, don't ask and started partying with hundreds of minitruckers. The nights festivities were awesome and a blur. I didn't go to bed until 6am...I think.

Saturday was show time! The sun was hot but not unbearable and the show field was filled with amazing trucks. Severed Ties clearly came to compete, not just to party. They had a big row filled with trucks, including passed feature trucks. All the big clubs were in the house and the mid-west definitely brought their "A" game. I was very impressed with the quality this year. If I had to say I was disappointed with one thing it was the amount of people dragging their roll-pans off and destroying their trucks. I can honestly say that I'm in no way shape or form impressed by the destruction of your truck, and the Trailer Balls; forget about it. If I was staff I would tell the guys with trailer balls to just park the trucks because first of all they barely spark at 5 mph and all you're doing is destroying the concrete. But enough of that, clearly not the staffs fault.

Speaking of the staff; they did an amazing job again. (Even the way they handled the Volley Ball incident, You're Welcome Bill!") I look forward to going back next year and I urge you guys to go as well. Shows like this are rare, so you should enjoy the ones you have. And if you plan on attending, don't ask where the host hotel is at because they don't have one. Bring a damn tent and don't be a chicken!!!