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Monday, September 5, 2011

RA All Star Event 2011

This year I wasn't sure if I was going to make it to the All Star Event in Millington or not. But luckily for me I have some pretty good friends. My buddy and fellow club member Zane Stokes flew me out to the show in Tennessee this year. At first I thought I would leave my camera at home and just enjoy the weekend, but then I figured I had to get this show coverage up on here, so I brought the camera along. A few days before the show I also found out that I would be shooting the show for MT magazine. So things only got better for me because I really enjoy shooting the show for MT magazine.

This year I flew into Chattanooga, TN on Thursday and spent most of Friday in Jasper Tennessee, with Zane and a some of the NR guys from TN. We then did the 400 mile trip to Memphis later that afternoon. It was a pretty fun ride for me, I got to roll in a body dropped Dodge with A/C and just kick back and enjoy the Tennessee highways.

We got to the show pretty late Friday night but rolling into town I immediately saw trucks cruising around and coming in from all directions. To my suprise Justin and Big Mike from Arkansas had reserved me a room so I got to stay with all the NR guys. It was pretty awesome of them and I'm super thankful for such awesome members. It had been two years since I'd last been to this show but I definitely couldn't wait to get to the show on Saturday and getting an opportunity to hang out with my out of state family. 

When we rolled in at about 10am Saturday morning I was very impressed with the huge numbers in attendance. I ran into Juan from RA So Cal and he told me that they had already beat the best numbers for the show and people were still lined up to the gate. Considering the horrid temperatures I knew I had a big day of shooting pics ahead of me. But looking at all the impressive trucks I looked forward to the day.

California transplants Dave and Traci

My first stop was the No Regrets camp where a couple of guys got their logos and became new members of the club. I grabbed the camera and then headed for a lemonade. I love the "fair" food at this event. If you haven't had the BBQ Nachos here before you are definitely missing out.

With Sunday, came some crazy looking weather. The RA guys sped up the days events and got the trophies started early. As always the trophies didn't let us down, not only where they really organized, but they had the most impressive trophies I'd seen in a while. Thanks again to Relaxed Atmosphere for holding such a great event, and I can definitely say that I'm very much looking forward to next year.