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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

C25K Week two, day two

First of all, sorry to all of you newbies who may be expecting nothing but truck stuff here. For now this is my personal blog and minitruck blog site. I probably will split it up at some point, but that will probably be later on.

For now let me tell you that I ran the second day of week two on my way to running a 5K without stopping, and what a day it was. First of all, it's sprinkling outside which made it for an interesting start. I'm not sure if the water slowed me down (I'm sure it didn't) but man, that run was a lot harder today than usually. I found myself having a difficult time breathing and my right leg is burning up. For some reason, I have one muscle that is driving me nuts. I should probably go see a doctor, but who has time for that.

Right now I'm off to RCC to try and see a counselor, which me luck.

Today I ran; 2.03-miles in 30:16. And I burned 360 Calories.

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