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Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm an Archeologist!

I was digging up an old feature I shot a few years back in an old hard-drive. And I ran into some goodies. I found folders full of photos from days passed, some good, but mostly bad. It's amazing how far digital photography has come.

I found enough pictures to fill this blog up for a year. Of course I'm not going to dump them all in a day but rather a few here and there. The first pictures I wanted to share today is of me and Mr. John O'Neil. I distinctively remember taking this shot. We were shooting Jamie Jordan's feature for Lowlife Video in front of an old gas station. The picture was taken by Yankee from the Georgia chapter of No Regrets. He took several and this was easily the best one. This was the last Showfest in Greenville and this is just one of the memories that I have from that town. I know many people visited the correctional facilities over the weekend. I sure am glad I only visited the sign lol.

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