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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Last Call 2011

This weekend is a blur!

 You see not only did Severed Ties host a show for Bradley Lang (RIP) but it was also the No Regrets 11 year anniversary. Way too much partying for one weekend.

The ST show took place at the same Harley Dealer as last year, (which one I don't know, details details...) as I pulled I could immediately tell that the parking lot was much busier than last year. I'm guessing their was roughly 150-200 vehicles. You couldn't have asked for better weather, I mean it was slightly hot, but not intolerable.

I was there long enough to say hello to friends and check out all the cool cars. But I had to leave because Paco from New Mexico No Regrets was getting married later that day. Check out the link below and check out the show coverage from the show.


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