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Monday, February 6, 2012

Galaxy Cruise Night

This is my Brother, Bobby. He wants to learn photography so He took some of the shots from this Cruise Night. Hopefully I'll have him shoot more often.
This last Saturday was the Galaxy Cruise Night in Ontario, Ca. It used to be hosted by Xtreme Lowz. I'm glad they it's still going because it's a really good time. Galaxy Burgers has some great food! Nom nom nom....

Tyson's 66 Cadillac is favorite of crowds at shows in So Cal.

There were many VW Bugs at this show.

Eric from No Regrets took Best of Show!

I was able to cruise the Mitsu with the club and my brother in tow. I had fun, and placed in the top 10.

Steve brought out the Ex-MT cover truck.

Lot's of cool old cars hit this cruise night every month.

One of my brothers shots!

shot by Bobby Macias

shot by Bobby Macias

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