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Monday, February 27, 2012

Miles to Madness, Helping Kaid in his Krusade!

This is Kaid and he needs your help.

Minitruckers are known for a few things. They usually involve loud parties, lot's of drinking and cool trucks. But Minitruckers have in the passed come together in times of needs not only for ourselves as a group but for those around us.

Paypal donations can be made to:
I came home from a show in Texas last night and I was pretty tired, but like any other typical night I decided to cruise FB before I turned in. I noticed I had been added to a group called Miles to Madness. I was intrigued and decided to check it out to see what it could be. This is what I found straight from the site:

"Miles to madness is an idea we came up with to raise money for little kaid to help him out... for those who dont know the details or havent liked the group kaids krusade yet then jump on and like it.. all the info about him is there.. the deal is me (NR) and justin hammond (LI) are hitchhiking from the gold coast to mini madness in port maquarie... we have 48 hours to get there before the show and can not get a lift from anyone we know, fellow truckers, public transport or anyone heading to the show.. so far people have started donating to see us make this trip so we are asking for anyone else who would like to donate... ALL proceeds go to help kaid out and i have started a bank account for those who want to pay that way. i will keep updating the balance so everyone can see how we are doing..."

In a nutshell, two crazy minitruckers are going to hitchhike over 300 miles to a show in 48 hours. Any money they raise go to help a little boy get the medical attention he needs. I was completely blown away. If I wasn't in such a crappy financial situation I would certainly like to help more. But I can at least help get the word out. 

 I found Kaid's page and read up on the little guy (pictured above) and my heart sank. Being a father of two I can't imagine what his mom must be going through. But I'm over the top excited to follow up on what the guys in Aussie can do to help and I'll be keeping a close watch. Check out the brave Hitchhikers below.

Justin Hammond
Kaid's Page can be found by clicking here


  1. awesome blog ernie, you have done alot for us just by taking the time to read what we are doing and get on board it with us :) its another one of those things that makes me proud to be petitioning in NR :)


  2. Super cool, glad to help out such a great cause, this is what being a minitrucker is all about!