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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 2 of Juicing

Well it's mid-day of day two, and so far I don't feel any different. I do however feel slightly hungry but I haven't had any water today. I did however have a tall cup of veggie juice. I should be on my second cup but I slept in today. My juice today consists of:
- papaya
- lemon
- cucumber
- pear
- parsley
- spinach
- green apple
- ginger root

I saw this recipe on you tube, and out of the two recipes I've tried it's the best so far. I did get a juice at Juice It Up yesterday that was decent but it had way too much Ginger Root. The damn drink was spicy, in a bad way.

I have one more pre-made juice that Melissa and I made last night. It's the same one from yesterday and has a much stronger veggie taste.

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