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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Things just aren't the same, wah wah wah......

"Remember when we used to meet up and cruise together, remember when we rolled our trucks and showed them off not our attitudes, remember when we would go to a cruise night, share a coke and a burger and talk about good times. Remember when it wasn't about the trophies or the BS just hanging out with your boys!"


If you find yourself bitching about the way things were, then maybe you should do something about it instead of sitting behind the computer talking about the way it used to be. Minitruckin is still good, people are still building trucks for themselves, if you don't see this then you're hanging out with the wrong people. I rolled to a cruise night with about ten No Regrets So Cal members last night and it was just like the old days.....JUST SAYING!!!!!!!

Granted I know at some of the big shows, you have a handful of ding dongs fucking it up. But good people still exist, So if you don't want to be a part of this scene, C YA!!! But please don't write shit like "I used to be a part of this, but now it sucks, blah blah blah." In ten years from now, the kids from today are going to bitch about the way things were. People change, Minitruckin' has evolved. You have to evolve with it, or move on please. But don't bring us down with you. 

send your hate mail to lol or feel free to post in the comments section below, just keep it classy! If you agree let me know also.


  1. I can only speak of our scene here in Bakersfield, and I have to say that last night we had a huge turn out for cruise night. It was a relaxing and almost calming filling to see so many clubs and none club car enthusiast just hanging out with no drama and no BS. Anyone that thinks things are different from the so called "old days" proablly doesn't need to come around, and yes the scene has changed but isn't change good? All I know is I love this custom car life and will continue to be apart of it.

  2. Well said Ernie. Things evolve no matter what it is. Negativity will always be there in the form of dumasses. I know I may not always please everyone with the way I am and decissions I make, but I love this scene and am always willing to give advice and help to the younger and older generation. Things are still good and the core of minitruckers still have the best intentions. Get out there, be positive, and support your sport!

  3. I remember getting in the scene when I was 17-18 and all the old timers were bitching about the way things were, "things were better back in the day" now the guys my age are bitching about "the old days" give me a fucken break. GEEZ. gets me all worked up lol

  4. Glad you feel the same way!!! Funny thing about that "last night" comment, that's exactly how it was LAST NIGHT here in AZ. Our local Sonic cruise nights are coming back strong and we have some of the most friendly people who just want to be a part of an overall local scene. People who couldn't care less about the logo (or lack of logo) on the back of your ride or the t-shirt you're wearing. And yet sadly some of the most vocal "good ol' days" comments I have been seeing are coming from people here in this very town. Either contribute to the scene in a positive way or keep your mouth and keyboard shut. VERY FRUSTRATING!

    This sure looks like a bunch of younger generations having bad attitudes and not contributing to me. (Please taste the sarcasm in that!)

  5. From my experience, the difference between 'now' and the 'old days' has to do with me...not the scene. When I got involved with the minitruckin' scene back in the 90's it was all new and exciting to me. I was doing new things to my vehicle that I had never done before. I was seeing new stuff that I had only read about in magazine. Fast forward over a decade and I feel like I've seen a lot, go to shows and see 90% of the same vehicles I did at the last show. Very rarely am I in awe of things like I used to be. I don't mean that in a bad way, just saying that the level of excitement I had in the 'old days' has change now. However, I will say that there are many things that have kept me in the scene so long that are just as strong 'now' as they were in the 'old days'. Friends, cruising, and good old fashion wrenching as Ernie discussed's all still there and I still love this scene.