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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tattoos for Japan!

On March 20th in the city of Relands, over $3000 dollars was raised in less than 12 hours for a few good friends in Japan. Tattoos for Japan was the brilliant idea of Brent Vann, owner of Tattoo Revolution, my boss, and my friend. (Don't tell him I said boss though because he doesn't like that) The idea was simple $100 palm sized and all the money including the tips would go to Japan.

Rick Mullins got the first Tattoo of the Day

It started out as a simple idea and we were hoping to raise $1000. In no time though we could tell that this wasn't going to be an ordinary day, and luckily for Brent and I, three other artists decided to lend a hand. Aaron Funk, Marc Jackson and Eric Olquin jumped in and started tatttooing to help Brent tattoo 25 people. Of course I have to say that Mr. Joe Greene and Kyle Spencer also did an awesome job of helping me with stations and tubes that day. All in all it was a great shop effort and makes me proud of the shop I work for. I'm also greateful for all my friends that came by to help with donations, and to hang out with us that day. I wish I could name them all but that would be impossible.

Being a minitrucker sometimes isn't all it's cracked up to be, but being in No Regrets has thaught me that it's all about the people you surround yourself with. Not all 25 people were members of No Regrets, but nearly half of them were. It makes me proud of my members and my friends, and especially to say that I work for Tattoo Revolution.

Members of No Regrets So Cal from Left to Right, Clyde, Jose, Eron

I'd like to close by saying thanks to a few people who contributed in one way or another that day. In no particular order:

Mike Venegas for coming out and filming that day.
Brent Vann
Joe Greene
Marc Jackson
Kyle Spencer
Eric Olquin
Aaron Funk
John O'neill
Chris Pasley
Steve Wilk
Max and Sandi Fish
Tim From Bio, Sorry I don't know your last name Tim, but thanks for bringing all your friends.
All the guys from No Regrets So Cal, especially Eron Leader and Jason Fry for staying late and helping me out later that night.

This was the first Tattoo of the Day on Rick Mullins by Brent Vann

Clyde Barela of No Regrets So Cal getting a lip Tattoo

Two No Regrets So Cal trucks

Sandi Fish brought out her Watson inspired 61 Cadillac painted by her husband Max Fish

Max Fish from Bio Kustumz gets his wrist Tattooed with a crowd in the lobby

Tim from Bio Kustumz is getting his Tramp Stamp

Sandi makes it look easy

Lowlife Mike hard at work

NR So Cal member Ben is getting an NR star by Eric Olquin with the Islands of Japan over it

Aaron Funk not only tattooed but he also provided a free BBQ for everybody

Jayson Fry another NR So Cal member gets an NR Tattoo

Lowlife Mike didn't just film the whole thing, he also contributed to the good cause by getting a Tattoo

Here is my contribution to the cause, I recieved an I Love Japan Tattoo by Brent Vann


  1. Is there a paypal set up for donations?

  2. They have a paypal set up at for everyone out of the area (like me) who can donate to help out!