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Friday, April 15, 2011

Couch to 5k Week 5

In case anybody was wondering (because I know you are all so attentive to this blog) I have been doing the 9 week Couch to 5K program for five weeks now. Well, I just started week 5 today and I love it. I started the program on the street but quickly worked my way into a gym where I have been loving it so much more. Its healthier and safer.
I'm hoping to get down to 180 lbs, my current weight is 227 lbs.
Today I walked for 5 minutes, ran for 5 minutes, walked for 3 minutes, ran for 5 minutes, walked for 3 minutes, ran for 5 minutes, then ended with a 5 minute cool down walk. I ran 2.35 miles in rough 27 minutes and burned 365 calories. To give you an idea of where I started i started off running about 90 seconds and walking 90 seconds and so on, all on intervals. The fact that I can run 5 minutes without stopping for me is quiet the accomplishment.

Just after West Coast Nationals last year (September 2010), I weighed in at a whopping 251, which is nuts considering I graduated from High School at 145. I'm currently at 227 and hope to continue going down. Loosing weight was the main reason I started this blog, because I knew that If I talked about it and put it out there, it would force me to continue this time. We'll see what happens!

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