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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lowlife Video Pendejos, cover shoot

This picture you see below is the shot that ended up as the cover to Lowlife Video Pendejos. The shoot took place with Dayna Delux in Lancaster Ca. I shot the pics in the same spot as I shot the same truck for the cover of Mini Truckin' Magazine. This was easily the most fun shoot I ever did considering I was a nervous wreck. Dayna was awesome to work with, she knew how to pose and really work the camera. The funny thing is I had shot covers for Tailgate and Mini Truckin' before, but I had never shot a cover for Lowlife, so I was freaking out. Plus this cover included one of the most recognized car models ever. 
Besides the border and name in the corner, this image is unedited.
I remember thinking as I was shooting and looking through the View Finder just how amazing it was that I was shooting with Dayna. I absoloutely love her work and I thought shes was completely gorgeous. She had a great attitude and a bright smile. It's hard to imagine that the shoot almost didn't happen. Originally we were supposed to shoot it with Sabina, (20th anniversary cover for MT mag, I also shot) another famous pin-up model but we couldn't make it happen. Luckily for us, my homie Josh knew Dayna from going to the bar she worked at and was able to set this up.

Shooting the flame shots was nearly impossible because I was shooting a girl, and a truck shooting flames all at once. I'd say I took about 300 of those shots. I didn't actually need them, I only took them because Lowlife Mike was filming the sequence. But they ended up being pretty cool.

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