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Monday, April 11, 2011

I've Been Everywhere!

If you collect comics, or stamps, or have a different sort of hobby their is a good chance you don't get to see or do much. I'm not saying those are boring hobbies, Ok I am saying that , I lie! However my hobby of being a minitrucker has helped me see more of the world than I ever could have expected.
The picture that was on my column in MT for those few years! This was taken at the sittin pretti show outside of Seattle Washington. It's what happens when Lowlife Mike has a fish eye lens and is bored.
I've been to over 25 states, Japan, New Zealand, Australia,  and Canada strictly for Minitruck related stuff. Of course having been a part of Lowlife Video and Mini Truckin' magazine defiantely helped that out. Another huge aspect has been having such a great group of friends. On more than one occassion my buddies have flown me out to some kick ass show or even Mardi Gras! Having a supportive wife at home also helps. My wife puts up with a lot. Everytime I tell her I'm going to see some new part of the country or world without her I know it bums her out, but she still backs me up all the way.

Hurricane Malt Liquor in Mississippi, we still never got these in California

Texas Heatwave, Austin, Texas. I suppose I got really excited when I saw the kick ass mural.

Maui, Hawaii

It used to be that I was hitting tons of shows a year when the economy was booming. These days I'm still hitting as many as I can but things have really slowed up. As I'm sitting here writing this I have realized that Tex Mex is this weekend, and as much as I have been looking forward to it, I may not be able to go. boooo!!! But what can I do? I can only do so much. I guess I'm kind of bummed out.

suburb of Phoenix, Arizona

Truckmasters, somewhere outside of Tokyo Japan, I can't ever remember the names of the towns in Japan.
somewhere outside of Seattle again lol

In the studio, Anaheim, California
SEMA Las Vegas 2006 or 2007, who knows
Space Needle Seattle Washing. We would have been to the top but it costs like $60 bucks!
Sunny Southern California, still my favorite

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