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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Wifes 1965 Cadillac Coupe De Ville

I told myself I wouldn't build anymore Cadillacs. This 65 Coupe just sort of came into my life though. I wasn't looking for one, and I definitely didn't want one. My wife on the other hand seemed kind of excited about it, so I told her she could have it.

In Steve's garage getting the 429 installed, we actually got it in with a tranny in about 15 minutes.
I acquired the car from my friend and fellow club member Steve Wilk. He owned this car with no motor and a 65 four door parts car with a running 429. Since he owed me a couple of bucks, we decided that the car would be an easier deal. He agreed to give me the car in running condition so I figured I couldn't loose on the deal. I plan on bagging it and repainting it over time. The first thing it's going to get is a nice pair of shoes and the seats re-wrapped. I'm looking for a nice set of 15-inch wires for it. The interior will be done by James at A&C Upholstery in Nuevo, CA. I'll post some updates as it comes along.

That is Steve's 64 Lincoln in the background. It's bagged, painted and it has a bitching interior.

Yes, these are custom roses etched into the glass, and yes, I am very excited about that!

The body is in great condition and all the missing trim is inside the car.

The interior is all intact minus a few things. It needs the cover for the seat belt on the drivers side in blue, and it needs the dome light covers. It also needs a new glove box latch
These are the kind of wheels I'm looking for for it.
I would change the center cap out for some spinners
This 66 Coupe is my inspiration for this car. (If we keep it long enough)


  1. I'm jealous of great the body condition is! And the chrome looks magnificent! I'll definitely be keeping my eyes on this project! Love the inspiration car as well..

  2. I had a set of those wires for my caprice... They are gone now, but they come up on craigslist from time to time here in Vegas... They are factory off of mid 70's or early 80's cads... I will let ya know if I stumble on a set... currently, I only have one and it is the spare for my Cad...

  3. hell ya, if you find some just let me know.

  4. LOOK sick man !

  5. Love it thanks babe :)