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Friday, April 15, 2011

NR 1, the original build

I really wish, that I would have taken more pics back in the day, but all I can remember is what a pain in the ass it was to develop film, not to mention expensive.

Here are a few shots I took of the Mitsu while it was at Bio Kustumz, back in 99-2000.

corners shaved, check. Toyota bumper check

body dropped bed, check!

Bigger Back Window!!! Yes please!

Not the first one, but definately one of the first.

Caddy tails the hard way, before taillight fillers!

Reverse four link, it sure rode nice though.

This whole truck was built on trades. Originally I traded Max a 1969 Cadillac to bag and four-link the truck. I rocked it like that for a while, then realized that it wasn't nearly low enough. I worked at Dairy Queen at the time making chump change so I clearly couldn't afford a body drop. Me and Max talked about it and I traded him a 92 Acura Integra to body drop and shave it up. I think I had it in primer for only about a year after that.
This picture was taken at Davis Dam just before it was shot for Construction Zone, which was in the September 2001 Issue
And of course, this was taken the day before it was sold in 2004.

The truck is currently sitting at Status customs back in my possession. Look for full updates on this truck soon and maybe a story or two in MT magazine!


  1. Its awesome that you got it back! I remember when I first saw it on the cover of MT I all I kept thinking was wow!

  2. thanks Juan, I can't wait to bring it back out.

  3. love that truck...

  4. i cant believe this is the same truck! amazing man. just amazing.