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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cat Tattoos! Is it abuse or not?

Recently while cruising the net I came up on a picture of a tattooed cat. At firstI thought it was a cool photoshop, but then I realized that it might be real. Apparently in places like Russia they think it's pretty cool to tattoo cats. I'm not sure where I stand on this because I'm not sure if it's causing the cat any problems. Being tattooed myself I know that the worst part is the healing so they are obviously putting the cat under some stress. I thought it was interesting enough to share. What do you think? check out the video below and see it in action.


  1. I couldn't imagine putting my little kitten through that, I'm gonna say abuse. Poor little guys have to deal with that pain. It's mean enough that we fix them and declaw them. I think it's unnecessary pain.

    1. I agree with you! Did you see that cats face after they finished that tattoo. That was clear distress on his face! This is so sad.

    2. I think declawing and neutering them isn't fair, my cat still has his claw (ow lol) and I'd love a couple hundred kittens running around. Sounds like fun. Love them as they are, you know?

  2. This makes me sick! I know this post is old but had to comment anyway. Cats are not meant to have tats, and healing probably was not fun for this poor guy! :( let alone putting him under for such a stupid/selfish reason! TOTAL ABUSE!!! that owner needs a beat down!

  3. I say abuse, a tattoo is a painful procedure in general human or other wise. Even though the cat was asleep, all cats have great pride for their fur/skin, having seen it being a cat owner myself. So doing something like this is like, disrespecting that pride by tarnishing his coat, or that's how I feel the cat would see it. The cat clearly isn't happy with the results. Even though it looks like the guy who did it loves his cat and meant no real harm, I goons have to unintentional abuses