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Thursday, February 17, 2011

5am Photo Shoots!

This morning I woke up at a very early 5:30 am, not because I wanted too, but because I knew I had too. The sunrise was scheduled for 6:33 am and I was shooting not one, but two black trucks. Ever since I set that time, I couldn't stop thinking about one of my all time favorite stories that includes my good friend Mike Alexander from my days at Mini Truckin' Magazine.

This story takes place at my first SEMA as the Associate Editor at MT magazine. I thought that it wouldn't be business as usual for me since this year I was here on a job. Normally I party until sunrise, crash till two or three in the afternoon and hope to catch an hour or two of SEMA. I figured this year, it would be all work, work, work, go to bed early, do photo shoots, and walk SEMA for eight hours a day. But I should have known better. The partying was insane, hanging with Mike only meant more booze than usual. Good times as always and before you knew it, it was easily passed three or four am. Of course, we had stayed up all night and knew the sun was coming up shortly. We finally decided to stumble back to our hotel room which happens to be the same hotel shared by all the Editors of most of the truck publications including the ones we work with. As we were walking in, we happen to run into the guys from another truck publication. They don't look tired and they've got all their camera gear in hand and ready for work. "Are these guys going to work right now?" Is what I'm thinking. A quick thinking and very witty Mike, quickly tells them "Hey guys, good to see you. Off to do some shoots huh? We'll see you there!" I started cracking up in my head. Off to bed we went (separate beds of course) and it was business as usual for us the rest of the week.

I couldn't believe how crazy we were. We were barely showing up for bed, when the rest of the world was off to work. We still managed to shoot all the trucks we had scheduled to do so, we didn't miss a day of SEMA and still managed to hang out with all our old friends and make some new ones. The times I spent at MT mag were simply amazing and the stories only get better and better.

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  1. Living the dream? I'll never know. What I do know is during both yours and Mikes time together at MT you two have always kept it pro. Between the late nights, early mornings and all the booze you two guys brought the commerodary. I could always appreciate the fact you guys respected your peers as much as they respected you. Making time for the thousands following your monthly work....that's real. All while bringing us one of the the best mags out there! Of course this has little to do with the blog concerning photography and SEMA!