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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fail or Win? You tell me.

I ran across these pics last week, and yes, I do realize that I should start keeping track of where. Anyways, I couldn't tell if I like the car or not. I have to say that i like it a lot better than some of the other "Rat Rod, Hot Rod" whatever you wanna call them unusual style of rods these days.

Being a car guy in general means they caught my attention for sure. One thing I can say is that they definately executed the car very well. I still can't decide, but it is definately neat looking to say the least.


  1. well i would drive it so i am gonna say win!

  2. Total win, I have seen it around at a few tucson shows and always get a kick out of it

  3. I agree Ernie. Its better than alot of the crap out there. They did some good work too. Its not my car so of course, there are things I'd change(wheels and tires come to mind). I say win. Its always cool to see somebody build something different, even better when they do it well.

  4. Very good. It's clean and well done, everyone always has something they would change if it was there's. Nice job.

  5. I saw it in Havasu this past March, at the Rock'a billy show on the lake!


  6. Win!

    Here is a feature done on the jeep. I was looking up ideas for a 47 CJ2A I am picking up from my grandpa and came across this thing a couple weeks ago.


  7. road meets rat rod

  8. I saw this Jeep not to long ago out at King Of The Hammers. I was shocked when I saw it at first but couldn't stop myself from staring at it for a while. Win!